Privacy Policy

Users are responsible to carefully read and understand our privacy policy. If you have any inquires on whatsover related to this policy, please contact us and highlight the concern. We try our best to solve any concerning issues. The following statements are in our privacy policy:

  1. It is our responsibility to protect your data from being disclosed to unauthorised users. The system is incorporated session based tracking and a built-in customised security system.
  2. As as a registered user, it is your responsibility to protect your account , i.e.; username, password and email account from others. You must understand that if your email account has been penetrated, you might lose the protection since the setting could be reset eventually via password reset on email.
  3. It is your responsibility to add an accurate information so that your trustees will get the correct information upon alumni of USIM. Should you only store partially accurate information, please make sure that your trustee(s) aware of that condition.
  4. We shall collect your accurate information information for tracking purposes. This information will be used for any purposes to provide protection and ensure privacy of each registered user. We shall use the information to distinguish between legitimate users and malicious traffic/attackers.
  5. Your information including profile and protected information will remain protected from others and will not be disclosed unless if we are asked to judicial or other government agencies subject to warrants, subpoenas or other valid legal forms. We adhere the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("PDPA").